Crystal bread with tomato (4 U) 4,00
Canned “López anchovies” with crystal bread and grated tomato (8 U) 22,00
“Balea” can of marinated giant mussels 6,00
Smoked sardine, basil and parmesan cracker 4,50/u
Potato, egg and truffle… in its jar 5,00
Olive ‘coca’ with ‘titaina’, smoked eel and black peppers 4,00/u
Foie Catalonian cream with crispy corn and passionfruit 9,00
Tuna tartare with soy, crispy algae and wasabi mayo 16,00
Tuna ceviche, crispy corn and coconut-avocado cream 16,00
“Pekin” tuna belly with acid salad, broccoli and lemongrass 19,00
Russian salad with marinated pulled tuna, tobiko and wasabi foam 10,00
“Thai duck” with peanuts, lime and ginger 12,00
Japanese salad with seared salmon, sesame and wakame algae 12,00
Cuttlefish salad with ceviche veggies, avocado and crispy seeds 12,00
“A l’ast” roasted octopus with chistorra breadcrumbs and potato aioli 18,00
Beef garret crispy cannelloni with smoked cheese sauce 12,00
Tender Angus ribs with Peruvian ‘causa limeña’ and pico de gallo 15,00
THE ‘PEPITOS’ (Valencian sandwiches made with sourdough from Jesús Machi) EUROS
‘Brascada’ Pepito with beef cheek pastrami and hollandaise 8,00
“El Paquito” Pepito with lamb from Viver, thai dressing, peanuts and lime 8,00
Beef pastrami Pepito with roasted aubergine, miso mayo and pickles 9,00
Iberian loin pastrami Pepito with provolone, sun dried tomato mayo and arugula 8,50
“Eco” shitakes in truffle confit Pepito with mozzarella and Iberian ham 7,00
Turkey Pastrami Pepito with brie cheese, bacon, lettuces and Caesar dressing 8,00
Hazelnut brownie with coffee ice cream and Ferrero Rocher crumbs 7,00
White chocolate panna cotta, candied strawberries and yogurt foam 6,00
Apple crumble, lime yogurt and grilled pumpkin ice cream 7,00
Crispy cookie coulant and vanilla ice cream 8,00

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